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Goinfre ?

Goinfre is a French word – also valid in English (for ‘piggyback’). In a famous computer science school in Paris, they had a common server with an incoming directory on a large hard disk drive called by this name, where students would upload whatever they felt like sharing. This is the idea here.

Whatever comes to mind, you can start a topic here, that may evolve into something we can work with.

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ok not sure it absolutely fits thx, but still think it might be something useful:


ok not sure it absolutely fits thx, but still think it might be something useful:
Arturo Escobar
Design for the pluriverse

In Designs for the Pluriverse Arturo Escobar presents a new vision of design theory and practice aimed at channeling design’s world-making capacity toward ways of being and doing that are deeply attuned to justice and the Earth. Noting that most design—from consumer goods and digital technologies to built environments—currently serves capitalist ends, Escobar argues for the development of an “autonomous design” that eschews commercial and modernizing aims in favor of more collaborative and placed-based approaches. Such design attends to questions of environment, experience, and politics while focusing on the production of human experience based on the radical interdependence of all beings. Mapping autonomous design’s principles to the history of decolonial efforts of indigenous and Afro-descended people in Latin America, Escobar shows how refiguring current design practices could lead to the creation of more just and sustainable social orders.


I think it does, definitely. Actually I find it reflecting Vincian Despret’s work. I started quoting and commeting in https://boookz.zoethical.org/user/how/books/transhackexploration-4

Reading dymaxion.org Please Stop Writing Secure Messaging Tools
Dymaxion: Please Stop Writing Secure Messaging Tools

He states the necessary functionalities missing from existing secure tools, I find a clear correspondance with what is in progress in DREAM. Role aware being in my experience the most needed.

  • Multi-user , because teams are more than just two people
  • Multi-device , because people travel and need to swap out or switch between hardware
  • Decentralized , because leaving a server somewhere is risky, inconvenient, sometimes prohibitively expensive, and can cause latency issues
  • Client-side end-to-end encrypted , so everything that’s trusted with data is physically with someone trusted
  • Offline-friendly , because the Internet isn’t always on and people need to collaborate locally when it isn’t
  • Role-aware , because teams tend have different people doing different things, and software that doesn’t support this doesn’t let them work effectively; design for security means designing for community
  • Secure by design for everything from basic communications architecture and protocol parsing through cryptographic enforcement of roles and permissions, because attackers will exploit policy weaknesses otherwise
  • Metadata-sensitive , because adversaries don’t always need content
  • Multi-organization , because cross-organization collaboration is critical but complicates role structures and authorizations and tools that enforce silos hurt field outcomes


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