Preparing the Translation of Speculative Cannibalisms

The food triangle is now translated. We can publish! Congratulations and thank you @Milouchkna for making this possible!

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eh, yeah, same at first! thanks again! and yeah there’s only the links left, and also the infographic, ya know the one with the triangle? which i can’t really do meself…

edit: wikipedia links as well as books references (at least the ones i could find in english) are done, just the infographic left and two links to check, the ones linking to dictionaries!

well, there’s still the picture left to translate, i put the french one here as a placeholder. i can’t do graphic stuff meself so i’m leaving as it is until someone else can do it.

Congratulations and many thanks to both of you for this translation, now we have the book completetly translated in English, we should think about what we do with this…

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okay, it’s just about done! (apart from the infographic)

à vérifier/traduire: les références et les liens wiki et autres.

@how if ya w|c.ould, please reformat stuff properly and add the images?

@jean-baptiste could ya please check the translation and see if there are corrections ya wish to make?

I started doing so, but I forgot a handful… Thank you for taking the time to advance the translation, we’re almost there!

just a note tho: i wasn’t sure as to the translation of spécisme at first in my first try and so had put specism but after checking, it does seem the correct term is speciesism? sorry for any confusion. i’ll modify that back tomorrow, unless someone does it first.

sure, and thank ya for taking the time to reformat properly! i didn’t know how to do so, what with all the balises and stuff!

Oh, I did not understand correctly. Sorry for the change: the word seemed weird to me.

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I think it’s correct now. Only the links to fr.wikipedia should point to the related English articles, and it looks good to me.

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could i appear as anonymous on the public version tho? (and the food triangle doesn’t appear as translated in the public version btw. as i said earlier, i put the french version as a placeholder while waiting)