Share events after the fact, to let others know they happened despite restrictions.

/run for all life, question normality, hack the planet, care for the world

“They reproduce problems of the existing world online, where other issues arise.”

In order to overcome the astonishment of the innumerable cancelations, les petites singularités propose /run to Resist Uniform Normality as a nod to /etc.

Let’s organize local events everywhere and coordinate online…

/join #resist-uniform-normality:public.cat

Let’s formulate an understanding of the specificity of our caring practices.


  • Every day at noon, your timezone
  • Every Saturday afternoon, your timezone


  • Your place


You may announce your events here…


  • Who participates is an organizer

Download SVG logo


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Well done proposition ! <3

BTW I cannot follow run on PUBLIC Pixels from pixelfed.social because internal browser/search didn’t find out run on PUBLIC Pixels :thinking:


This should be fixed by now. Did you try again?

Yep! It works, thank you.

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@XavCC coucou de la ZAD avec Ju.B.

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stream a venir sur p-node.org et documentation en cours sur pad.numerique-en-commun.fr/intergalak

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très chouette ce proramme, vos actions et ce coucou d’interconnexion <3