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What do we mean by solidary presence?

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Life becomes resistance to power when power takes life for object.[1]

THX residency this year was strongly affected by this still traumatic COVID-19 period that is lingering from exceptionality to normalization ; we’re entering a new epoch, aware that the fight is only beginning and, over the coming years and decades, we’ll need all of our concentration, solidarity, intelligence, and strength to keep our world a place where humans can live.

From where we stand, we focused on sewing effective relations bonding « Radical Care » and the organization of resistance networks. From the privileged space of technology practitioners, we proposed addressing our own models of organization to be more responsive to activists, with a concrete approach to transforming free technology production towards more collective autonomy and self-determination: « Software Syndicalism ».

With « Daring is Caring », we brought forth the urgent need of reliance and alliance, across domains, to envision radical ways to integrate software more closely with the existing organizations and structures of the communities they aim to serve.

Contributions come from engaged friends, always active in practices of resistance – who, of course, use digital technologies for organization, to the best of their capacity (albeit painfully) –, both from the free software community and beyond. We hope this volume will bring a larger view on those issues.

Pænser Ensemble / Daring Together — Radical Care

Networks in Resistance


  1. « La vie devient résistance au pouvoir quand le pouvoir prend pour objet la vie. », Gilles Deleuze, in Foucault , Editions de Minuit, 1986, P.98 ↩︎